I don't know about you, but nothing makes me appreciate electricity more than not having any.  That was quite an ordeal on Saturday if you are on the North end of Pampa.  I myself am far enough North, I didn't get the weather I just went without electricity until the next morning.  

I did go out Sunday morning to look at the homes we have listed and contact home owners to let them know about their houses.  This morning I was thinking maybe it would be helpful if I let the public in on our recommendations.  

Whether you are Buying, Selling, or just staying put here is some advice for you.  We have learned through the years in the real estate business a couple of key pieces of information that I want to pass along.  

Sometimes everything looks fine, but it isn't.  Sometimes things look really bad, and it isn't.  Sometimes it is as bad as it looks.  Regardless, call your Insurance Company and get an adjuster out to look at your roof and any property damage.  One thing that is very important, insurance companies want a date of the storm and you only have a certain amount of time from that date to turn in a claim.  So get that claim on the books.  If you don't feel it is necessary right now, make a note of the date and keep an eye on things.  However, don't wait to long.  

If there isn't an issue it is no problem, but at least you checked.  I tell all my Customers it is better to be safe than sorry.  Also, make sure you are getting repairs completed by a reputable company.  We have a list of Companies we have done business with in the past.  We don't receive anything for giving their name.  It is strictly by association and knowing we can trust the work they do is quality.  

We always get a lot of companies that come into town when we have a severe storm.  Something to consider, will you be able to find them if something goes wrong and will they warranty their work? 

We love our little town and we love the people in our little town.  I thought today would be a good day to share some of our knowledge with you and I hope this comes in handy while you are getting back to normal.  Have a blessed week.

Thank You God for the Rain but no more Micro Bursts, Amen.