I am getting ready to go on vacation, and I usually start planning ahead what I will pack based on my planned activities.  No, we are not fly by the seat of our pants people...we are planners.  So, I go to Pinterest to look at ideas so I can draw inspiration from my closet.  Low and behold I come across what could be the perfect article.  30 OUTFITS FOR THE MATURE WOMAN, that matches my criteria because after all I am nearly 50.  I start reading the article and it is referencing becoming 30.  Thirty???? Mature Woman???? Your kidding right, I mean in my world that's a young woman.  

It was actually a really good article about converting your wardrobe from University life (your 20's) to your 30's.  Which lets face it usually comes with a lot of changes in lifestyle. What you want to wear while still looking young and fresh, but adjusting for your more mature status. 

So, you ask "How does this relate to real estate"...same issues, we need to mature in our style.  We all remember that first apartment or house.  It usually had a roommate situation and probably quite a bit of memorabilia from your teenage years.  Now, fast forward to your first place on your own or with a NEW SPOUSE.  Those were some big changes.  That usually comes with the idea of what is our or my style?  First home... this comes with big ideas.  Thank goodness for the internet.  Now here we are, what stage is your life?  Are you in the beginning, the middle, or like me mature?  I'm starting to question if I like that word.    

We decorate and make decisions based on each of our stages.  If you have small children you will choose one way and if you are like me and your kids have left home there is a whole other set of choices you might make.  Not to mention our personal taste, and its evolution.  I've already seen signs of this with my own grown up kids.  

The reason I think all of this is important; if you embrace the changes that come with time not only will your wardrobe always be fresh and show off your best features, but so will your home.  Don't wait to make all those changes, updates, or do those projects you dreamed about because you want or need to sell your home.  Do them now.  If they are pricey start a savings for future projects and make a budget to help you realize that goal.  Remember to enjoy your home to its fullest today.  If the time comes and you need to sell, it will be a blessing.  There will be less work for you at such a busy time in your life.  I can't tell you how many times we get a home ready to sell and our clients say, " I wish we would have done all this while we were here.  It looks so good."  

Here's to maturity and all the GOOD things that come with those changes!  No looking back, its all forward thinking from here.