Why do you keep telling me my house isn't ready for the market?  Are you wondering how you look on the internet and look at homes and you know your house is in better condition than that one.  Now the Agent comes in and gives me a list and tells me I need to do all these things.  Really?  

I am going to break this down into two simple words...Active & Sold.  

Yes, it is that simple.  The homes you are looking at on your favorite sites are Active Listings.  When I come to see you I am working towards a Sold Listing.  We have the same goal for your property.  We have all sold homes and know how hard it is to maintain perfection when we are still living in it while it's on the market.  I had toddlers when I sold a house once and I thought I wouldn't survive.  So let's learn some tricks.  

When I tell you to edit your home, don't remove the personality just remove anything that creates clutter.  Do you really need three french country rooster statues on the island?  No, but one would be lovely.  That bag of cookies that you know your child is going to want 200 hundred times today...it can be in the pantry instead of on the counter.  All those wonderful family photo albums, go ahead and box those up.  It will be so much fun to open that box in your new home and look through them and reminisce.  Book shelves simplify and decorate.  Pack up all the extras.  Kid's toys...this is a great opportunity to edit all those extras.  I have found that if you involve your child in this process, they tend to be very willing to give items up that you probably would have kept.  They do grow up fast, don't they?

I know most of these you have you have heard of in the past.  Recently, I have noticed that clients are over editing.  Homes have a feel, prospective buyers want to feel at home.  A feeling of warmth, don't take away too much.  Get a wonderful Large basket and keep it on hand.  When you get a call to show your home, grab all those items everyone has left out drop them in the basket and put it in a closet or even next to the couch.  Just make sure you have a pretty throw you can fold and lay across the top.  Voila, the mess is gone.  

When we are working with you to list your home, we are accepting a partnership with you to help you in every capacity.  This means if we need to bring in the whole team to help you out we will.  Selling your home is difficult and we are fully aware that all the tasks we ask of you can seem daunting.  Just remember we are not here to help you have an Active listing we are here to help you with a SOLD property.  

We are happy to do a pre-listing consultation to start creating the plan for you to get a SOLD sign in the yard.