We have seen a lot of pictures and comments regarding the Wind.  I think wind has officially become a "bad" word.  So, I thought I would offer some advantages to all these gusts. 

If you mowed your yard yesterday, you wouldn't have had to bag your grass.  It is probably in Oklahoma.  If you swept your porches, patios, and driveways.  Well lets face it, you didn't need a dust pan.  Last but not least, if you were outside yesterday you probably didn't have to fight any flies. 

Now here is a real issue, If you have your home forsale you probably didn't get any appointments.  This can be very discouraging to our sellers.  We had a lot of very cold termperatures this winter and now the wind in spring.  I know it feels like mother nature is really being difficult, but this to shall pass.  So for now, my suggestion to you; on the days you can't get outside try doing a little spring cleaning.  Make the inside sparkle.  It will make you feel good, but it will be very refreshing to those Buyers who are brave enough to venture out into the gusty weather to pursue that new home.

I will be posting a blog regularly, please stop by and check us out. 

Happy House Hunting!