How Do They Make It Look Like That


My heart is in the right place, my effort is there, but I can't seem to get it right.  I am talking about gardening.  I find it to be one of the most difficult things for me to do.  I buy plants, pots, furniture, and accessories every year.  I move things around, but it never looks like I wanted it to.  Do you have this issue?  A dear friend of mine told me to buy annuals each year for filler, but start investing in perennials for my foundation.  As time goes by the perennials flourish and take over and the long term investment is great.  

This is where I am at today.  I have flower beds that did wonderful last year.  I actually had some bragging rights.  This year between the hail, chickens, and wind it is nothing to brag about.  I have a troublesome area, this year it looks pretty good.  I am making some additions and changes and it seems to be coming along.  Here is my dilemma, I lack consistency.  I don't think with all the studying and research I am actually becoming and accomplished gardener, but each year I have a few wins.  I am learning to enjoy those moments. 

This year I invested in some new large pots, I am going for statement pieces.  I changed my cushions and went with a bright yellow pattern and a black stripe pattern.  I have some flower beds that seem to be lush, no structure for my beds.  I am learning to accept my limitations; no formal plantings and lots of green seems to be working for me.  I am getting the desired effect and feeling some moments of satisfaction.  I am not a patient person and it has come to my attention this is the reason I am not very good at gardening.  It takes patience, and you have to wait for the full effect.  As I get older I am learning to talk to myself about waiting, stepping back taking in the moment, and breathing.  That is the trick I think to gardening, you have to be happy with each stage of the project and not rush the results.   I also highly recommend talking to those friends, family, and greenhouse personnel that can help you make decisions and give you suggestions.  Tell them what you are doing and ask them what would be the best decision for plants.  I think all of us should tackle something we aren't very good at, it grounds us and helps us grow as an individual.  I may never be an accomplished gardener, but I can appreciate the results I have and the work I put into my yard.  

Why is all this on a real estate site?  The next time you see mature landscaping, sprinkler system, or professionally landscaped on a listing description; make sure you give it serious consideration as a feature.  If you are like me and this doesn't come easy, it will be a big consideration when looking at a property.   Here's to Sunshine and Flowers!!