Its been awhile since I have written, but I thought I would share a few thoughts and get back in the swing of things.  

First, How great is summer?  Tuesday we went out to Preview some new listings and across the street from one of the homes, were some kids playing in a swimming pool in the front yard.  Now, you may or may not remember, but Last Tuesday morning was beautiful.  Memorial day had just passed, school had just let out the week before.  If I would have had a camera I would have taken a picture.  The kids were laughing, squealing, and having a ball.  My thoughts went back to my own childhood and summer days.  I have to tell you it was pure JOY, coming from those little kids.

Do you remember Norman Rockwell (he was my Grandma's Favorite) how he depicted families and what I always interrupted as small town life.  That is how my mind works sometimes.  I pictured somewhere in the house a Mom sitting with her morning coffee, front door open to a nice breeze, she can see and hear the kids, but at the same time she gets a moment to enjoy her coffee and the pleasure of her kids happiness.  

That is the corny; if you may, way we look at selling homes to our clients.  We want you to have those moments.  When an Agent is taking you out to look at homes; at all the crazy times.  The reason we say we are happy to do that and we are sincere when we tell you No Problem is because we want you to have the American Dream of Home Ownership.

So for now, Here's to your summer!  Don't forget to take a moment and enjoy those warm summer evenings, the smell of fresh cut grass, and (for me one of my favorites) Chlorine in a swimming pool.  AWWW, the Daze of Summer.

We'll talk soon!