Where Do We Go From Here?


The kids are back in school, the dorms are decorated and fall session is underway for most colleges.  I really enjoyed seeing all the first day of school pictures and hearing kids responses to their first day.  Such an exciting time, but a little exhausting.  Especially if in the middle of all this you have your house on the market.  I mean, can you believe a last minute call to get an appointment.  Don't the prospective buyer's know you are trying to get back on a school schedule.  Can you believe your agent recommended you accommodate them.  

Here is the big issue, yes it is inconvenient and yes there is a chance they are aware school is starting back up.  Yes, your Realtor hates to ask you.  However, the name of the game is sale the house.  Every agent has had their clients say, "Can it wait until tomorrow?"  The prospect will say never mind.  Or worse, look at something and decide to proceed with an offer.  Now they will never take a look at yours.

In a market with high inventory and limited prospects we need to adjust to allow for every showing.  When prospects have a lot of options they like to shop, because they aren't pressured with the feeling someone will scoop it up.  

Show ready, you mean it has to be just right all the time.  Absolutely.  This is one of the most inconvenient parts of selling your home.  We never notice that the three year old loves to remove their socks and lay them on the coffee table.  We do when we put the house on the market.   When did they start doing this and why have I never noticed.  Why does my husband never put his morning coffee cup in the dishwasher.  

During the summer months it feels almost impossible to have the house on the market.  I mean you can't kick the kids out.  Well, take a moment to breath.  Because now that school is back in session and maybe the toddlers are at Mommy's day out for a few days a week.  You can begin to relax about those possible showings.  Picking up before school and before everyone goes to bed each night gives you that show ready house and from 8 to 3 the ability to say "Absolutely" to those last minute appointments.  

The Sale is just around the corner once your home is shown in its best light.  It is also possible when it's shown with the little socks on the coffee table.  Because your Agent will say, aren't those the cutest.  They have a little one.  Most people understand and your house was shown!