Change Is In The Air

August is always an exciting month and sometimes a little heart breaking.  This is when we take the kids out to find new shoes, clothes, and school supplies. Meet the teacher, visit a classroom, or get their school schedule.  This is also a time for parents of Kindergarten kids to feel the pain of letting go and seeing that little one walk into school and wave.  There are the parents who are going to Senior Breakfast and looking down the tunnel of THE END.  It really isn't, but it does feel like it.  Last but definitely no least, those of you who have packed the car with all the items for your kid to move into their dorm. EEEK, that is a real doozy of a day.  

I have walked in all these shoes, and I want you to know I feel for you. Excitement and heartbreak all rolled into one moment.  

Here is the other part to August, no one is laying around all day stacking dirty glasses and plates.  There won't be twelve pairs of flip flops strategically placed all over the house. Can no one put the same pair on they took off thirty minutes ago?  

When the kids started up at school and we were getting ready to have a busy year with homework and extracurricular activities I always wanted to get organized.  To make everyone's life a little easier.  I don't know about you but this didn't ever work out as well as the organization tips say it will.  My family new we made a plan and you usually went with Plan B.  

Good luck in the coming days getting all those last minute details taken care of and remember to enjoy this stage.  Life is messy and you can always find a Plan B.  If all else fails order a pizza.  What really matters is enjoying all the little moments. 

I Hope your Kids (Big and Small) have a wonderful year.