What About This Market?

Everywhere I go these days I get asked this question.  I give the same answer all the time, this to shall pass.  However, if you are trying to sale your home how does this help you right now.  Patience and diligence is the key to a market that has excess inventory and few buyers.  You must be available for showings at all time.  Do we ask buyers to make appointments, absolutely.  Do we know how stressful it is to sale a home, absolutely.  When I am out showing and we have looked at a clients list of homes and they aren't finding the one.  My go to response is, lets visit the list I sent you and see if something else is out there.  Sometimes the house that I coax someone to look at ends up being the Right One.  Unfortunately, it sometimes means a last minute appointment. Can you say no to the unexpected appointment, absolutely.  Just remember sometimes you never get a second chance.  

I know you have seen all the shows on staging, read articles, received lists from your Agent of things to do to get your home on the market.  What about after it is on the market?  That same list still applies, but more so now.  If your house has had showings and is not being chosen, take another look.  Are there items that need repair?  Do you need to get the carpets cleaned?  What about the porches, patios, and your yard, are they at their best, can you make improvements?  

When you first started this process; did your agent give you a List Price and you rejected it because you wanted to try a little higher.  Are you at that same list price?  Have your dropped the price, but now it is two months later?  Call your agent up today and ask for another meeting get a new Market Analysis for today's pricing.  Did you know the housing market is a constantly changing market just like the stock market?  

Staying competitive when there is a lot of inventory is crucial.  Maybe today is a good day to re-evaluate your home.  Instead of looking at how many days your home has been on the market, maybe lets just go back and do day one again.

Here is to a new beginning!