The summer is just flying by!  It seems everywhere you call or go everyone is on vacation, and such great vacations at that.  Have you noticed it seems as though people take such wonderful vacations anymore.  Cancun, Florida, Bermuda, and Europe.  I myself haven't been on vacation this summer. Not yet anyway,  but I did go to Wheeler last weekend for a Reunion and Fourth of July celebration.  We stayed at the Bed and Breakfast there.  The Old City Drug Bed and Breakfast and it was wonderful.  The rooms were nicely done and it had a great feel.  When we opened the door, my husband and I both were stunned.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I was surprised.

So, If you are needing a quick get away to recharge and the vacation isn't until the end of summer.  Sneak away for the weekend and go experience some of the quaint little secrets in the towns around us or even right here at home. You might be just like me and be very surprised at what you find.  

Have a wonderful weekend, and think about stepping out of your normal routine and see what is around.